About Sure Shot

“Businesses are being challenged in ways they've never seen before. We have the experience and capabilities to convert challenges into opportunities.”
ben saren
Ben Saren

Sure Shot Labs is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in customer value-based marketing and selling strategies and execution. Sure Shot is principally managed and operated by Ben Saren, an experienced high-tech entrepreneur and executive, along with a bench of seasoned executives, marketers, technologists, designers and developers.

We are obsessed with value. From the conception of a new product or service, to what your customers are saying, we are relentless in our pursuit of understanding value, refining it, and delighting all stakeholders because it’s repeatable and sustainable.

We do what we do because we love the challenges, we love rolling up our sleeves and digging into problems with our clients, and we do what we do because we thrive off the successes we deliver for our clients.









Our core values


We are a boutique firm, and we choose our clients as much as our clients choose us. If a project is right for us, you’ll be glad you chose Sure Shot. If it isn’t, we won’t waste your time.

Continuous Improvement

Our job is not to just win your business, that’s not enough. We want to earn your trust and long term business. Clients can expect the best from us at every turn.

Long View

We take the long view, and work hard to understand your vision and mission, and we embody it in the work we do and how we do it.

Repeatable Value

Value is at the very center of what we do at Sure Shot Labs, for ourselves and for our clients. It’s kind of a big deal to us. We work extremely hard to isolate real, demonstrable value, and then maximize how it’s delivered, communicated, and refined.

People First

We emphasize relationships over all else. We work hard to generate buy-in, not consensus, no matter how challenging. When everyone is onboard, even the doubters, we prosper together.

Practical Innovation

Our experience has revealed insights, and we’ve developed playbooks. No two projects, and no two clients are exactly alike. We bring the latest and greatest to all engagements, delivering on a promise of practical innovation and reinvention.

Our clients

We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect, and we’re proud to have a long history of doing just that.

Sure Shot’s clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired companies, nonprofits, and organizations in eleven different countries.

Client retention
engaged for 5+ years
1000+ employees

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