New Product Development

Sure Shot excels at planning new product development. With our proven methodologies, we will work closely with you to segment the market and define your customer, illuminate the optimal value proposition, validate it, develop a roadmap for developing and delivering the value, and work with on how to communicate the value in the marketplace.

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Product Marketing

Product marketing in particular has a unique role to play, at the earliest stages of a product’s rollout. Even if your organization does not have a formal product marketing role, it’s never too late to get it right. Let Sure Shot help. Through coaching and playbooks, or rolling up our sleeves and working collaboratively with your team, we can help take your product marketing to exciting new heights.

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Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution

So you’ve got a new product, and your precious pilot customers are happy, and your development team is hard at work. We get it, everyone has a stake in this new product, but questions remain. Is your plan achievable? Can your new product line be a profitable one?

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Business Development

From how to best monetize a new or existing product line, leveraging your most valued customers to developing case studies and success stories, to building a pipeline and ramping up sales and marketing, Sure Shot has the experience and capabilities required to inject your business development with new energy, and do so efficiently and sustainably.

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Digital Transformation

Businesses and organizations of all sizes, across all industries, are being repeatedly slammed by tidal waves from the sea of innovation. The choices are overwhelming, and the implications are huge. Meanwhile, customers are also facing a growing list of choices, across a growing list of screens and experiences. Let Sure Shot bring some much needed clarity. We’ve been dealing with “digital transformation” since before it was a buzzword.

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Startup Advising

Our guess is that for every startup there are ten consultants ready to take them on as a client. We take a different approach to startup advising, mainly because we’ve been there and done it too, a few times. We know, first hand, how limited your time and resources are. While running our own high-tech startups, we had advisors, mentors, and consultants, but it was those who’d been in our shoes who provided the most value, and who asked for very little in return for their counsel and advice.

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