Product Marketing

Product marketing is often overlooked, even in the best organizations, or relegated to a checkbox at the end a go-to-market checklist. “We need a brochure” might be heard, or “can I get some slides for my sales deck, now?” This is usually a symptom of a larger problem.

In best-run sales and marketing organizations, sales and marketing are the tip of the spear, interfacing directly with the marketplace and translating product into market-fit. Product marketing, in particular, has a unique role to play, starting at the earliest stages of a product’s development. Customer value, critically in today’s world, needs to be at the center of this process.

Even if your organization does not have a formal product marketing role, it’s not too late to get it right. Let Sure Shot help. Through coaching and playbooks, or rolling up our sleeves and working collaboratively with your team, we can help take your product marketing to exciting new heights.

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Bala Janakiraman
EVP, First Data Corporation

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