Startup Advising

Each one, teach one.

Our guess is that for every startup there are ten consultants ready to take them on as a client. We take a different approach to startup advising, mainly because we’ve been there and done it too, a few times. We know, first hand, how limited your time and resources are. While running our own high-tech startups, we had advisors, mentors, and consultants, but it was those who’d been in our shoes who provided the most value, and who asked for very little in return for their counsel and advice.

If you’re running a startup, and just need someone to talk to, who’s been there, who’s faced similarly daunting challenges, who’s had sleepless nights, we’re here to help. The startup community, and entrepreneurs, cannot do it alone. Each one, teach one, is how we approach it.

Just give us a call or shoot us a message – let us help you.

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Bala Janakiraman
EVP, First Data Corporation

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